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Scarborough Flower Fund Homes arose from an idea promoted by the local Rotary Club during the 1960's when, at the time, there was a pressing need for affordable homes for those members of the local community who were single and for various reasons were unable to enjoy a retirement home of their own, which was often after a lifetime of service to the community.

Flower Fund Home Locations

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Flower Court, Cayton, Scarborough

Flower Court, Cayton

The First 50 Years Book
 Flowerdale Court, Seamer, Scarborough

Flowerdale Court, Seamer

Flower Croft, Wheatcroft, Scarborough

Flower Croft, Wheatcroft

Flower Garth, Scarborough

Flower Garth, Scarborough

Flower Garth, Filey

Flower Garth, Filey